Aumsville Elementary is committed to ensuring each child makes significant academic progress.

We do this by monitoring each child’s progress in reading three times a year. Using these assessments we determine what kind of reading intervention group students would benefit from most. Every child in an intervention program is progress monitored and receives a small group intervention.

Our intervention program is called Response to Intervention (RTI). RTI supports early intervention and careful monitoring of student progress in reading. Every child at Aumsville Elementary has thirty minutes built in their daily schedule to receive small group instruction in reading. During this time some students travel to other classrooms to receive the help they need while some students stay in their homeroom.

Some of the key features of RTI include:

  • Providing all students with research-based reading instruction.
  • Screening all students for reading skills
  • Identifying students who need more support and providing that support as soon as possible.
  • Progress Monitoring to see if the intervention is helping.
  • Collaborating among staff to determine the most effective supports for students.
  • Working with parents if the student continues to need support.

You are always welcome to discuss this process. Students who do not benefit from reading interventions may be referred for Special Education evaluation. If you believe that your student has a disability and needs immediate attention, please contact your school principal.

Thank you,

Cyndi Ganfield